About the Capac Historical Society Museum 810-395-2859 capacmuseum@hotmail.com

Collecting And Preserving Area Chronicles

Capac Historical Society Museum Mission:

  • Provide a meeting place for those people interested in local history.
  • Publicly promote knowledge of the history of the Capac Community.
  • Promote appreciation of the history of the Capac Community.
  • Procure articles deemed worthy of preservation.
  • Provide safe storage and display of these articles.

Address:401 East Kempf, Capac Michigan, 48014

Email capacmuseum@hotmail.com

Telephone: 810-395-2859

Please leave a message, we will return your call as quickly as possible.

Donations Graciously accepted.

Capac Historical Society Museum History

The Capac Community Historical Society had its beginning as the Capac Heritage Committee. On November 4, 1976 the committee began to form the ground work to become a historical society. The first meeting was held at the Capac Library with twenty-one people in attendance. At that time a constitution and by-laws committee was formed. The original constitution stated that there would only be three officers: a president, secretary, and a treasurer. The office of vice-president would be eliminated and a historian would be appointed.

On March 29, 1977 the Capac Community Historical Society was formed. There were fifty-five individuals and organizations as charter members. Monthly meetings were held at either the Capac Library or the Capac Lions Hall.

In 1987 the project to purchase the Capac Train Depot and find a site to locate it was set in motion. The train depot was purchased from Grand Trunk Railroad for $1.00 with the stipulation it had to be moved by August 31, 1988. Various sites were being considered: one on Park Street by the high school, the vacant lot across from the bakery ( currently Louie’s Restaurant), and at the east end of Kempf Court Street its current site. The train depot was moved in two sections to its present location where it became stuck in the mud until February, 1989 when the ground was finally froze enough to place it on its foundation.

The Kempf Historical Center was built in 2000 as a meeting hall and library to house historical papers and artifacts that need a controlled atmosphere.


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